Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a new poem -- "Please Dear Lord"

Please Dear Lord (by Stan Moore)

Lordy Lordy this I pray
Show me favor on That Day
When you judge me for my deeds
And assign me to your needs
I have not led a perfect life
I’ve made mistakes and caused some strife
The negatives have been quite minor
Compared to efforts that were finer
And many times I’ve sacrificed
For greater good in others’ lives
I’ve loved your creatures great and small
You know my heart – I’ve loved them all
But one stands out and rules my heart
And I pray that I can play its part
When I return to life again
When you recycle life and limb
Please Lordy listen to my request
Let me be who I love best
Please bring me back I care not how
I want to be a long-eared owl

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