Sunday, May 24, 2009

vole abundance offers promise of lots of raptors

I am seeing voles all over the place right now. And Boris and Natasha, the two farm cats that have adopted me, keep bringing in big, fat voles to my residence (against my express wishes). We appear to be in the beginning of a high in the vole multi-year cycle. This is very good for all rodentivore raptors and I expect to see a ton of hawks this winter on the wintering grounds. I expect to see more rough-legs than usual and short eared owls should make an appearance in their typical habitat. White-tailed kites may show up in colonies this winter. Survivorship of juveniles should be high and probably reproduction next year will be exceptional. Voles drive raptor populations and voles are very abundant right now. Be on the watch all through the summer and winter and I predict a lot of hawks and owls will be around.

Stan Moore

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